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Come discover superior meat quality at la fermière folle

Animals are raised outdoors and their welfare is our priority.

Are you looking for superior quality meat? We have the ideal solution for you.

La fermière folle raises pork and beef, keeps free range laying chickens and has a small apiary providing local honey. The cattle and pigs are born and raised entirely on our farm located in Campbell’s Bay, in the MRC Pontiac of the Ottawa Valley.

What distinguishes us from a number of beef and pork farms is the respect for the wellness of our animals, all of them. They grow in a natural and peaceful setting, and this in turn produces better tasting products.

Outdoor living

One of the benefits of la fermière folle’s meat stems from the fact that the animals live outside year-round from the day they are born.

The pigs have access to the forest where they can root to their heart’s content, an essential and most natural aspect of their behavior. They feed off the plants and insects they find.

The cattle grow up in spacious pastures, with fresh grass, free to roam and find shade under the many trees on the property.

The laying hens are also free to roam within a fenced area (for their protection), and love to peck at anything that they find interesting.

There are a number of benefits from animals being raised outside. First, they are more active and their meat is somewhat leaner and less stressed. Also, the pork meat produced by forest grazing is flavorful and also less fatty, thanks to the animals’ access to exercise.

A mind to the well being of the animals

One of our priorities is the welfare of the animals. They grow up in a peaceful and serene environment that is natural to them, and this in turn is reflected in the quality of the meat.

In fact, stress and lactic acid build up in the animals affect the taste and the texture of the meat. Ensuring their welfare not only grants animals their wellbeing but also renders the meat more tender and savory. Allowing animals to behave as they would in nature goes a long way to granting them a quiet state of mind.

Our animals feed off the land, but on occasion their feed is supplemented, especially in the winter, but also when Mother Nature does not fully satisfy their nutritional needs.

Our purebred Simmental cattle are fattened on grass, and hay during winter. Those bulls that will be sold for breeding purposes also get a grain supplement. The hay is produced on our farm thus ensuring a product of organic quality (not certified).

The pigs’ feed is supplemented with corn, barley, minerals and vitamins. All the animals are fed quality feed without antibiotics or hormones. It gives a very natural meat. Buying your meat from la fermière folle encourages local and responsible agriculture, while giving you the benefit of wholesome food.

Ordering on line from la fermière folle

We would like to make your life easier by offering you online ordering. The meat is sold in portions from one to four persons, depending on your needs. This way you only buy what you need, thus avoiding the wastage of food.

The meat is vacuum sealed in transparent wrapping, allowing you to see the quality of the product you are buying. Most products are available at all times, except for the occasional seasonal or weather-related dips affecting honey and egg supplies.

Online ordering is available on our website so you can access great meat, honey and eggs at any time. Payment is made when you pick up either at the farm or at the Main Street Market in Ottawa every Saturday.

In summary you will find, at la fermière folle’s farm, superior meat from animals raised in nature, where they are fed wholesomely, without antibiotics or hormones.

Do not hesitate to order from our farm online. You will appreciate the difference!

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