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meats and products


At la fermière folle, all of our Duroc X Tamworth pigs are raised on pasture year-round. Their diet consists of insects and plants they find while rooting and is supplemented with grains such as corn and barley. Our animals are never fed feed containing antibiotics. 


Pork raised on pasture is tender, tasty, and very lean



Our Simmental beef cattle are raised on grass and hay. We grow our own hay in order to assure that it has not been contaminated with pesticides and other unwelcome chemicals. The cattle occasionally receives grain in the colder weather.


All of our beef is young (under 30 months old), lean, and tender.



Our honey is harvested a few times a year, during the summer. Our bees gather pollen from our pesticide-free, clover filled, hay fields. Resulting in a honey that is sweet and light. Our honey is never pasteurized.

We sell 3  sizes of honey: 

250g for $ 6 (liquid)

500g for $ 10 (liquid or creamed)

1kg for $ 21 (liquid)

We also occasionally sell honeycomb.



Our coloured eggs (blue, brown, and green) are laid by our free-range hens. You will notice bright yellow egg yolks, a result of their varied diet.

Eggs are 6$ a dozen

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